Election Observer

Who can observe election processes?

Anyone can observe the processes of an election. Observers are a part of the security of each election.

What can you observe?
  • Logic & accuracy testing
  • Poll worker training
  • Early voting
  • Vote-by mail ballot processing
  • Election day
  • Official canvass
  • Post-election audits
  • Certified statement of vote

Please understand that the daily processes and procedures are dependent on turnout.

If you would like to see a specific process or would like more detailed information, please email us at observers@co.shasta.ca.us.

What are observers responsible for?
  • Checking in at the election office.
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Wearing an identification badge.
  • Maintaining a courteous and professional demeanor while observing the processes.
  • Not interfering with the processes.
  • Not invading personnel workspaces.
  • Following social distancing protocols.
  • Silencing their electronic devices while in observation areas.
What can observers do?
  • Take notes.
  • Ask questions.
  • Watch procedures related to election processes, including election planning and preparation, voting, post election auditing, etc.
What are observers not allowed to do?
  • Interfere in the work being preformed.
  • View signatures on petitions or come within 6 feet of the staff working on those items.
  • Use electronic devices, take video or photos while observing election processes.
  • Touch any materials or equipment.
  • Sit at a desk or workspace of elections personnel.
  • Display any election material or wear campaign badges, buttons or apparel.
  • Wear the uniform of a peace officer, private guard or security personnel.
  • Distract elections personnel from their tasks.
Can you observe the polling place on Election Day?

Yes, observers are allowed to observe the procedures and activities of the polling place on Election Day.

Observable procedures include:

  • Opening the polls.
  • Voting during the day.
  • Closing of the polls.

Observers may also inspect the posted copy of index at the convenience of the board. Please remain quiet and do not disturb the board members or voters.

Observers may not:

  • Interfere with the board members or the voting process.
  • Touch any voting materials (ballots, roster, machine, etc.)
  • Sit at a table.
  • Use electronic devices, take video or photos.
  • Discus any ballot or political issue.
  • Be in the area where the voters are casting their ballots.
  • Intimidate or impede board members or voters.

If you are unable to follow the outline rules and guidelines, you may be asked to leave. California Elections Code Sections 14221, 14223, 18370, 18502, 18562.5

Is there an observer schedule?

Yes. This schedule will update weekly. After the elections it will update daily.

Current Schedule

Office Tours

Tours are by appointment only. Please email observers@co.shasta.ca.us or call us 530-225-5730 to reserve your spot.