Official Canvass

on 08/31/2017 through 09/27/2017

The activities that take place during the official canvass include:

  1. Processing and counting any valid vote-by-mail and provisional ballots.
  2. Inspection of all polling site materials and supplies.
  3. A reconciliation of the number of signatures on the roster with the number of ballots recorded on the ballot statement.
  4. A reconciliation of the number of ballots counted, spoiled, canceled, or invalidated due to identifying marks or overvotes with the number of votes counted, including vote-by-mail and provisional ballots.
  5. Counting any valid write-in votes.
  6. Reproducing any damaged ballots, if necessary.
  7. Conducting a hand count of the ballots cast in one (1) percent of the precincts, chosen at random by the elections official.
  8. Reporting final results to the Secretary of State, as required.

For more information visit the California Secretary of State.