Presidential Primary Election March 3, 2020

The Presidential Primary Election is scheduled for March 3, 2020.

Voting for President

Do You Want to Vote for President on March 3, 2020?

All voters can vote in a primary election.

Voting for President depends on the party you are registered with. 

If you are registered with a political party:

You can only vote for a candidate running for President in that party. You can check your party registration by using our voter information lookup.

If you are registered as No Party Preference:

Your ballot will not have any presidential candidates on it.

On October 22nd the Secretary of State will provide a “No Party Preference Voter Participation Notice.” This is a list of parties that have adopted a rule to allow a person who has no party preference to vote that party’s ballot at the primary election.

If you vote by mail, you will be sent a postcard with an option to select one of these party ballots. Post cards will be mailed after October 22, 2019 and need to be returned by January 3, 2020.

If you vote at a polling site, you can request to vote one of these party ballots on Election Day.

If you are registered as No Party Preference and want to vote in the Presidential primary for a party who has not allowed No Party Preference voters to vote their ballot, you must re-register to vote with that party by February 18, 2020.

Visit to register to vote or update your political party status.

Candidate Information

Contact our office at 530-225-5730 to schedule an appointment to file for candidacy.

Candidate Guide