Information for Voters Ahead of Election Day June 7, 2022

Date: June 3, 2022
Contact: Cathy Darling Allen, County Clerk/Registrar of Voters

As the election approaches in four days, we have some reminders for voters. The Election
Department (1643 Market Street in downtown Redding) is open tomorrow, Saturday, June
4th from 9a-3p for all election services, and clerk services as well.

Voters who have voted ballots to return are encouraged to hand deliver them today to the
Elections Department or to an official drop box. We do not recommend mail return this
close to the election. Polling places will be available for in person voting or ballot drop off
on Tuesday, June 7th from 7a to 8p. Locations are posted on our web site at (links below) and are also printed on the back cover of each voter’s voter
information guide.

Voters are reminded that this ballot is two cards, doubled sided. It has been four years
since Shasta County voters have seen a two card ballot; please return both cards and vote
the contests you select. It is ok to leave contests blank if that is the voter’s choice. Voters
who need to update or register for the first time can do that either in the office or at their
assigned polling place on Election Day.

It is too late to mail ballots to voters, so if a voter needs a replacement ballot they will
need to contact the office or come in person.

Voters who plan to vote in person at a polling place on Tuesday, June 7th are encouraged
to bring their ballot with them to the precinct; this will ensure a smooth voting experience.

More election specific information is available on our website,

A list of drop box locations:

A list of polling places open June 7th:

Our voter information lookup tool:

Questions should be directed to