Election Day F.A.Q.

Can I bring my marked sample ballot to the polls?
Yes, as long as you do not display it for others to see.

Where do I go to vote?
Your polling location is listed on your Sample Ballot Pamphlet or you may search the Polling Place Locator. This information is only available during the two month period before the election.

If I have moved, can I vote in my old precinct?
No, you should go to your new precinct to vote; if you have not informed the elections department about your move, or updated your voter registration, you may have to vote a provisional ballot.

Can I change my address at the polls?

Yes, but you will have to vote a provisional ballot. Remember, you must go to the polling location in the precinct where you reside.

If I have moved and have not changed my address with the elections office, how do I know where my new polling place is?

You can call the Elections Office prior to Election Day to find out, check Polling Place Locator, or ask your next door neighbor.

Is there a time limit in the voting booth?
Yes, the California Elections Code (EC §14224) stipulates that time in the voting booth shall be limited to 10 minutes; however it also states that time may be extended if no other voter is inconvenienced.

How can I get election results on Election Day?
Election results are not available until after the polls close at 8pm. After 8pm they are available from local TV and radio stations, the Shasta County Election Results page, and the California Secretary of State website.