Voting by Mail

When are ballots mailed?

Vote by mail voters will be mailed a ballot 29 days before an election.

A replacement ballot can be requested until 7 days before the election:

Request a Replacement Ballot

If your ballot envelope signature did not match our records, or if you did not sign your ballot envelope, you can find the appropriate form below:

Signature Verification Statement

Unsigned Ballot Statement

Can I vote by mail permanently?

To apply for Permanent vote-by-mail status:

Print a Vote By Mail Status Form and submit it to our office to receive your official ballot by mail for all future elections.


Send a letter requesting a ballot by mail. Please include: full name and address of voter, title and date of most recent election, mailing address for ballot, and voter signature.

Are you living overseas or are active duty military?

Visit the Military & Overseas Citizen page for more details.

What is Remote Accessible Vote by Mail?

Remote Accessible Vote by Mail allows voters the option to receive and mark their ballot electronically. Once the voter completes and reviews their ballot, it must be printed and mailed back to the elections office postmarked by Election Day.

Once you request a Remote Accessible Vote by mail ballot we will then send an email confirming your application. A separate email with voting and ballot instructions will be sent early, in the previous month to the election, when the vote by mail period opens. You can contact the elections office at 530-225-5730 with any questions.

To request your ballot electronically:

Request a Remote Accessible Vote by Mail Ballot

What if I am away from home?

If you are temporarily away, on a long vacation, attending college or spending the season in another state, and Shasta County is your permanent residence, you can request to have your ballot delivered to a different address. Make your request as early as possible to allow the ballot to arrive at your temporary mailing address on time.

Use the form below to have your ballot delivered to a temporary/seasonal mailing address.