Shasta County deserves a representative who will listen to your concerns and fight for the issues you care about. I grew up on a family farm in rural California and I value the rural lifestyle. I have spoken with many of you in coffee shops, community halls, churches, main streets, and back roads of our district. Here, we’ve recognized our shared vision of a thriving local economy with dignified jobs that sustain our available talent pools and encourage the next generation to raise their families in our communities. I will work for a future in which all students have access to quality education, and are prepared for jobs in our communities through Career and Technical Education. I will prioritize investments in infrastructure, to ensure residents have reliable internet and cell service. I will work to ensure no person must choose between bankruptcy and health care, while upholding our commitment to veterans by fully funding the VA.

Work ethic, responsibility, and servant leadership were instilled in me throughout my involvement with 4H and as a state FFA officer. I’ve proudly built my deep background in agriculture, education, and nonprofit leadership upon these tenets while teaching agriculture at Chico State, owning a small ag business, volunteering at church, and doing agriculture development work overseas. I will bring these same rural values to Washington, where I will fight to get corporate money out of politics and get our government back to work for