U.S. Representative CA-01 David Peterson

Small Business Owner

I am the independent candidate in this congressional race. I am not beholden to the establishment nor corporate donations & bribes. My career has been building financial systems for Fortune 500 companies that highlight mismanagement & expose executives who commit fraud. This is exactly what we need in Washington D.C.; so that Voters can hold congress accountable every day, not just on election day.

All Americans want the federal government to spend our money conservatively and wisely. Taxes have been cut, but spending on crony no-bid contracts has not. Corruption will continue to get worse until Voters Oust their incumbents who maintain the status quo. I will champion legislation to put teeth into the Emoluments Act and FEC campaign laws, so these crooks get jail time.

I will work to end corrupt laws preventing residential solar, beyond personal use. I will cut numerous Red-Tape restrictions slowing the Green Energy Transition, including fossil fuel subsidies. The result will be new jobs for Northern California.

I will lead congress to complete the transition from overpriced health insurance to lower cost health insurance for all.

I will champion Legislation to require 100% public access to all lobbyist requests of congress. We will expose the backroom deals that drive massive bribes into our elections. I will replicate Trump’s successful price slashing of Air Force One & F-35 fighters. There are numerous good & services the Federal government pays triple the price.