Jessica Jones Holcombe Occupation: Business Attorney

Education and Qualifications: UC Davis Law and Business School

I’m running for Congress because I’m fed up with rampant corruption, closed-door attitudes and irresponsible decision-making in Washington. I’m a fourth generation Northern Californian and the oldest of 7 kids. Growing up, we were poor and at times homeless and left without health insurance. Through hard work and fair access to federal financial aid, I was able to attend college and escape poverty.

California is home to more super rich than anywhere else in the country, but we also have the highest poverty rate in the nation when cost of living is taken into account. Income disparities in the North State are also among the highest, as costs of healthcare, childcare, housing and college education skyrocket. Most families in our district live on less than $50,000 a year, leaving them with little or no savings. This must change!

I’m committed to serving all families in our great district. I’m a fierce defender of Medicare and Social Security. I support high quality public education and access to affordable health care for all, and I’ll be your champion for our North State. I firmly believe that the just reward for hard work and playing by the rules is a “fair chance,” not a hand-out.

I would be honored to be your Congresswoman. I’ll use my negotiating experience as a business attorney to reach across the aisle in Congress without compromising our values. Together, we can bring back the American Dream! Please visit