Shasta County voters deserve accountability in government. When citizens’ main concern is crime, government should make that its priority. Why haven’t jail services been expanded when crime in Shasta County is the number one concern of our citizens, and the revolving-door jail we now have is the number one complaint from police officers? I believe in the carrot and the stick: criminals need an opportunity for restorative justice alternatives, but they also need jail space availability to motivate behavioral change.

I was instrumental in getting a new, much-needed Redding police station and a library built. I’m a “Get it done!” person who vows to make our community as safe as when I grew up here, and to find solutions for the transient issues we’re experiencing: homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, illegal camping, and criminal activity. As a team builder, I welcome as many views as possible in decision making. As a businesswoman, I will craft a sound budget to keep Shasta County economically strong.

I will continue to help revitalize downtown. I will work to mend fences between the county, the citizens, and other municipalities. By collaborating together we will succeed: we are Shasta Strong!

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